We specialize in exceptional fair-trade sourced coffee and espresso beverages – crafted locally and served with passion at farmer's markets, schools, office buildings, fundraising events, weddings, and even birthday parties.

The Beans


While coffee is the second largest commodity traded in the world, quality coffee is a lot like a fine wine. Region, weather, variety of bean and how the “cherry” is harvested all play a key role in the quality of the final product.


Equally important to Swirl Cafe is that the global farmers and processors of the coffee we serve are paid fairly for their products. And, our coffee is sourced through those who are dedicated to small-batch roasting, guaranteeing the optimal flavor and quality.


The attention to detail ensures a cup of coffee from Swirl Cafe will be memorable, and the experience of seeing it prepared will be fun. Visit us for a cup prepared fresh.

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Beth Newell

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